Travel Info

If you are still planning your trip ,then this information can be extremely helpful. As a private gay tour guide in Havana and Cuba , I have been collecting relevant information for you when considering  a trip to Cuba!.

When to come?

High season  (Nov-April & Jul-Aug) : Prices are higher by 30 %.Hotels and guesthouses may require advance bookings. Lower relative
humidity and cooler. Cuban winter is like an European summer. Really rare that we have hurricanes.

Best time (April & Oct) : Lower prices. October belongs to the hurricane season. April is Cuban
spring, perfect month to come.

Low season (May, Jun & Sep): Usually rains. Hurricane risk from Jun to Nov. Cheapest prices.

Where to go?

Havana – February holds Havana´s most outstanding festival: The Jazz festival. I personally do not recommend to come over in Cuban summer unless you love the heat! October holds the Festival Internacional de Ballet. Good month to come. December holds the Festival del Nuevo Cine Latino americano

Where to Stay?

A casa particular is a room or apartment available for rent by local families inside of their homes that offer paid lodging for short-term use. This is a practical and cheaper way to travel as well as immersing yourself with the Cuban culture. Casas particulares can be spotted all around the country by looking for a small white sign with two blue triangles. The owners of these casas must be registered before allowing guests to stay.

The only locations where casas particulares are not allowed are in Varadereo, Guardalavaca and Playa Santa Lucia due to the prominent hotel industry.   If you wish to book a casa particular,  please feel free to contact me.

How to get here?

Getting to Havana´s airport. You need to have:

  • A valid passport for at least one month beyond your departure date.
  • Cuba tourist card (will describe what it is below) filled out correctly.
  • Travel medical insurance (compulsory since May 2010).
  • Evidence of enough funds to afford your stay.
  • Return air ticket.
  • Payment of the airport tax (25 CUC per person) compulsory for every person who leaves Cuba.

Cuban Visas

If you intend to travel to Cuba for less than two months then you do not need a visa unless you are a business traveler or a journalist in which case you need to apply to the Cuban consulate in your country in advance of your trip.  You may instead  get a tarjeta de turista ( can be issued upon arrival in Cuba – I personally do not recommend it except in special circumstances) which can be purchased from the travel agency or airlines that sells you the ticket.