Havana Urban Jungle Photography Experience

Our Havana Urban Jungle Photography Experience is designed to get you off-the-beaten-track in hopes of getting that great photo!

Our photography experience allows you to zoom in on a vibrant city with a stunning colonial architecture. You will get the opportunity to capture the stuttering vintage American vehicles that act as Havana’s taxi fleet, lively street theatre performances, gently crumbling facades and the everyday lives of cigar smoking grandmothers and the spectacular Colonial house to photograph ballet dancers, all from the best vantage points!

This experience is designed not only to guide you to the most photogenic locations carefully planned for the best light, but to aid you in mentally visualizing a scene before capturing the decisive moment you will never forget!

Price: Starts at 120  USD /person/5 hours.

                                                                     Private guide, lunch and transportation included on our experience price.