Havana Rooftop Lounge Experience.

 Our unique Havana Rooftop Experience will introduce you to  Havana’s skyline and  a whole other city in the air above the smells, noise and prying eyes ,  there is a secret world !

It’s a hidden village of makeshift apartments, chicken coops and tiny vegetable gardens, where boys in flip-flops fly homemade kites and shirtless men play dominoes in the sea breeze, with drying laundry flapping around them.

Street-level Havana can be noisy and smelly, but rooftop Havana is bathed in sunlight and flushed clean by the ocean air. It’s beyond the reach of prying eyes, a place for romantic trysts or some much-needed solitude.

Sip on local drinks while watching the sunset from luxury rooftop terraces on hour 4 experience and discover some of Havana’s skyline hidden gems with your private guide!

Sunset fine dinning included on request!

Price : Starts at 100 CUC/person/4 hours

Entrance fees and transportation included(sunset fine dinning included on request).