Custom Tours

At Gay Cuba we pride ourselves on creating exceptional tours for sophisticated travellers. We realize many travellers prefer to create their own journeys & for those travellers we offer Gay Cuba Custom Tours. We can provide all the logistics for any itinerary you choose. Whether you are one person or a small group, we can assist you with accommodation, local guides & all things you need to have a memorable trip.

All of our custom tours are unique , private and built around you. They are flexible & can be easily adapted to the needs & interests  of any group.

Choose a Private Tour

  • Any dates, any place &in any style you want to travel
  • The process is flexible & personalized
  • Tours designed around your interests & budget.

When you book a custom private tour with us, we are going to need to know everything we can about your plans. Share your objectives, your dates, the duration & the number of people in your group.  Please let us know what kind of hotels you prefer, the kind of cities &  sort of attractions you want to visit.

Here’s the typical process for putting together a private tour:

Step 1: Planning the Itinerary

Here are the questions that you should be thinking about – and we’ll be asking – at this stage:

  • Who is traveling (age, background)?
  • When do you want to travel?
  • What is the purpose of the trip?
  • What are your personal interests?
  • How do you like to travel – full touring days or a more relaxed pace?
  • Would you prefer lots of hotels & lots of moving around? Or a relaxing stay in fewer places?
  • What kind of accommodation do you prefer (location, style, facilities)?
  • How many guided days? How many days for exploring on your own?
  • Are there any special requests or considerations that should be incorporated?
  • Once the basics are agreed, it’s time to start talking about a draft itinerary!

Step 2: Calculating Trip Costs

Once all these details have been finalized , we’ll be able to prepare a formal proposal – with detailed trip costs & all the services included in our package. Usually, hotels & accommodations make the most of price… so we can work with you to pick the right accommodation & transportation options to stay within your budget. In any planning session, we’ll always give you a few options to consider!

Step 3: Booking the Trip

The itinerary has been designed. The pricing is done. Now it’s time to begin the process of booking the actual private tour. This will normally take a week.. In some cases, a particular accommodation might not be available – we’ll always notify you & discuss alternatives while keeping within the approved budget.

When it’s all done, we’ll contact you again to confirm the final itinerary for the Gay Cuba Custom Tour!