Gay Cuba Tours

Cuba is known as the largest island in the Caribbean. It is a country of contrasts, surrounded by almost 4,500 untouched islands & islets filled with sandy beaches & coral reefs, lush nature in the mountains & valleys &  diverse Spanish French Colonial architecture.

Cuba  is in a state of flux because after years of economic dependence on the old Soviet bloc (& on the USA before that, & on Spain before that…), it is in the extremely difficult process of adjusting to life as a modern independent trading nation. It is still the subject of an American trading embargo.

However, it is now the most exciting time to visit & one aspect of Cuban life which is not changing is the people’s natural friendliness & exuberance as expressed in their pulsating music & lifestyle.

Our tours are designed to  give you a taste of our wonderful country &  allow you enjoy yourselves on the way!

Visit Cuba with us before it changes forever!