Internet Service in Cuba

Internet access & content in Cuba remains restricted. All such internet services are provided by the state-owned  telecom company ETECSA.

AS of 2015, ETECSA has opened eight Pay-For WiFI Hotspots across parks all over the island at a cost of 1.50 CUC per hour & a significantly higher prices at government hotels (from 5 to 10 CUC per hour).

To gain access to WiFi in Cuba (both for Cubans & tourists), the purchase of a prepaid card from an ETECSA telecommunications centre or a hotel which has WiFi accessibility, needs to be done.  Smartphones, tablets & laptops can be used to access the internet at local WiFi hotspots.

Do not expect the quality of the service to be equivalent to what you get in Europe or North America.

Please be advised due to the Internet being limited to WiFi hotspots, incoming messages to our tour guides are not always viewed immediately as we have to physically travel to such venues to conduct business over the Internet.  We apologize for any potential inconveniences this may cause but we try our best to fulfill your needs.