Travelling from the U.S. after Trump’s New Cuba policies


The Office of Foreign Control Assets (OFAC) has issued new regulations regarding US Cuba travel effective on November 9, 2017.

Travelers who have made at least one travel -related transaction( e.g. purchased airfare or tour)before  June 16, 2017 are exempt from the new rules effective November 9, 2017. Your trip then falls under the Obama regulations and you do not need to take into account the new Trump regulations.

The new regulations have removed ”Individual People to People educational travel license BUT these activities are still legal under the category ”Support for Cuban People” given the circumstances that you will make use of PRIVATE CUBAN businesses  (accommodations, paladares, bars, private tour guides..etc) , maintain an itinerary  that promotes meaningful interactions with Cuban people and DO NOT MAKE TRANSACTIONS with ”prohibited entities”. Please see the link below to view the list of ”prohibited entities”

U.S. Department of State – List of Restricted Entities and Sub entities Associated With Cuba as of November 9, 2017

Wanting to visit Cuba legally but you’re not looking for just one more vacation, you’re looking for an authentic  experience?  Are you a traveler?  Do you love to engage, interact, and learn from other cultures?  Are you willing to sacrifice luxury for authenticity?  Are you friendly, curious, adventurous, open-minded, young-at-heart and ready for your next adventure?   Then come and see Cuba through our eyes!

Why Visit Cuba ?

IT IS CUBA -America has effectively banned Americans from traveling to Cuba for more than 50 years. It has always been so close but yet so far. Cuba’s society & culture is unique.  It is a mix between Pirates of the Caribbean, The art deco beach destination for Americans freeing prohibition, the Soviet Union &  latin America.  It’s lively & intriguing and in ten years what ever it will be, it won’t be what it is today

UNIQUENESS– Unless most travel agencies we are based in Cuba. Both management and service are provided by a gay team settled in Havana. We are currently the only Cuba-based travel agency offering travel solutions to LGTB international and American travelers.

VALUE – We are aware that most travel agencies offering US government approved Cuba tours , have ridiculously high prices. Our ultimate goal is to provide affordable tours so you can discover our charming and unique country. No hidden costs or people in between.

FUN – We want you to learn while on our tours but have fun while doing  it!  We want to keep you actively engaged and our gay guides are just great at it! When selecting our people-to-people activities we have ensured they are deeply related with the  LGTB community in Cuba.